I have an idea for an entryDNS feature, who can I tell about it?

We’d love to hear your idea. Please send an email to support@entrydns.net or use our contact form.

What's this registration fee then?

From January 2016 we introduced a one-off registration fee for all users of entryDNS. This helps us track our users if necessary to help combat abuse. The alternative was to see entryDNS close down, which would not have been good!

What support can I expect?

We do our best to answer your questions and address your suggestions, but other than the one-time registration fee (which is split between the original developers and covering our operating costs) this is currently a free service. We are considering introducing a "Pro" version in the future with better support and more features. Stay tuned!

How can I contact you if I have a question?

What are your Company Information, Refund Policy and Payment details:

What are your name servers?

How can I update my domain record dynamically?

Follow these instructions for the most common operating systems and devices:

Linux Mac OS X Windows
Routers (DD-WRT) Synology
Or use the following shell commands: With IP specified:
curl -k -X PUT -d "ip=IP" https://entrydns.net/records/modify/TOKEN
With IP automatically computed from request origin:
curl -k -X PUT -d "" https://entrydns.net/records/modify/TOKEN
You can also send GET requests over https.
With IP specified:
With IP automatically computed from request origin:

What is a token

A token is an automatically generated string of random characters which can be used to modify your records using above methods. Once you've registered and set up some records you'll be able to view your unique token(s).

What domain record types do you currently support?

SOA, NS, A, CNAME, AAAA, MX, TXT, SRV (more coming soon)

Can I set individual TTL for each record?

Yes, you certainly can.

What is a minimum TTL for a domain record?

60 seconds

Do you offer domain names?

We offer free subdomains on our entrydns.org and libfoobar.so domains in the form of yourname.entrydns.org or yourname.libfoobar.so.