Technical info:

For "Basic" users, we offer free subdomains on our domain in the form of

"PRO" users also have a choice of using any of the following domain names (and we may well add more in future - please contact us with your suggestions!):


Yes! You will get authentication tokens assigned to all records which support dynamic updates.

Ensure your chosen domain name is registered and set to use our name servers (see above).

Yes! Please create your new account in the usual way (you will need to register again and pay the one-off fee).

Login as the new user and contact us, including your old email address in the body of your message.

We will then assign all your zones (domains, records etc.) to your new account.

If you are an existing PRO user do not upgrade your new account, we will transfer your subscription to your new account.

A token is an automatically generated string of random characters (unique to entryDNS) which can then be used to modify your records using the methods below...

Once you've registered and set up some records you'll be able to view your unique token(s).

"Basic" users have tokens assigned for each of their 'A' records, "PRO" users will have tokens assigned for all 'A' and 'AAAA' (IPv6) records.

Follow these instructions for the most common operating systems and devices:

Linux Mac OS X Windows
DD-WRT Draytek EdgeOS
FRITZ!Box MikroTik Synology
REST APIREST API Other routersOther routers

You can, if you have a PRO account.

Using curl:

curl -k -X PUT -d "TXT=your txt record content"

Using https (replace spaces with %20):

Using http for routers that don't support SSL (replace spaces with %20):


Yes, and we encourage sensible use of this option!

Errors in syntax can result in all domain records not propagating. Typically TXT records or a CNAME record might be "out-of-zone".

One frequent "gotcha" is the omission of a trailing dot on a domain name, for example.

Or if you've just added/edited a TXT record, check any quotes match up at start and finish.

Still stuck? Please contact us, including all affected domain names in the body of your message.

We will then test all your zones (domains, records etc.) and provide feedback.

It is the end user's responsibility to craft all entries correctly, we do not provide detailed support for DKIM and similar more complex TXT records.

PRO features:

"Basic" has a one time registration fee and no further operating costs at all. However it does not have all the features of PRO. It's intended for home users or those with just a few domains to manage (although you can add more).

"PRO" has all the features of "Basic" and then adds DNSSEC, entryVPN, more domain names, priority support and faster name resolution and is intended for "power users" with lots of domains, IPv6 addressing, and or a greater interest in privacy and security. PRO costs $18 (USD) per annum, per user account (not per domain - you may have lots of domains under the same account).

Feature Comparison

ALIAS record provides a CNAME record behaviour on root domains.

For example, if your domain is and you want to point it at a hostname like, you cannot use a CNAME record because it's against DNS specification but you can use ALIAS record. It will resolve your domain to one or more A records behind and nameservers will see your domain simply as if it had A records.

Never. It is against DNS specification and will break your other records. You must use an ALIAS record instead.

entryDNS "PRO" users can now take advantage of using our VPN servers to stay less visible on the web.

Our servers are based in Germany and US, and more regions will be available soon. We reserve the right to share all user data with bona-fide law enforcement agencies upon request but will never share your internet usage data for any other purposes.

To get started, create your account credentials in the right hand side tab of entryVPN page and use it with one of the recommended OpenVPN clients. Follow the relevant instructions to configure your device.

Reasonable usage policy applies: You may use your account with up to 3 devices and not exceed 1TB data transfer per month.

entryFWD is an http redirection service. It allows you to host websites on non standard ports while giving the convenience of accessing through a regular URL without specifying the port number.

entryDNS "PRO" users can enable email alerts when their records update through API. The email will be sent immediately if the new record is different to the existing record. Alert emails are rate limited to avoid our servers being listed in spam blacklist databases.

DNSSEC controls are available to "PRO" users. DNSSEC is a hierarchical system which uses a public/private key pair to authenticate the integrity of DNS records to combat forgery. It is a complex subject and we advise you to be sure you really need it before enabling DNSSEC for your domain. You can find more information on the ICANN website.

Your registrar must support DNSSEC for you to be able to use this feature correctly. List of registrars who state they support DNSSEC.

Use DNSSEC Analyser, Chrome Plugin or Firefox Plugin to ensure your setup is working correctly.

entryDNS "PRO" users have an option to set up vanity nameservers with one click. Once activated, your domain records will be reconfigured in the following format: ns1.yourdomain.tld - ns4.yourdomain.tld.

You must then immediately change your domain's nameservers to match at your registrar, otherwise your records will stop working.

Changes may take up to 72 hours to take effect depending on your registrar. We have no control over that and cannot take responsibility for any down time arising.

10 days after your account expiry, you will lose our "PRO" features:

  • 25 Domains and 25 dynamic hosts limits will be enforced
  • ALIAS, CAA, DS records will be disabled
  • DNSSEC will be disabled on all domains
  • entryVPN account will be disabled
  • Tokens for AAAA record updates will be disabled
  • Premium Dynamic Hosts subdomains will be disabled
  • Record update alerts will be disabled

(We reserve the right to make a $25 (USD) admin charge to reinstate a lapsed PRO account if more than 10 days after expiry).

About us:

From January 2016 we introduced a one-off registration fee for all users of entryDNS.

This helps us track our users as necessary to help combat potential and actual abuse of our terms of service.

It's proved to be a highly effective means to keep entryDNS free from malware suppliers, spammers etc. which in turn means that our systems are now rarely blacklisted by other ISPs.

We always do our best to answer all questions and address suggestions! We commit to respond fully to "PRO" users support requests within 24 hours max, and generally quite a bit faster.

We prioritise support requests from "PRO" users, allowing them to queue jump if/when we're busy.

Yes, you can find constantly updated performance metrics for many DNS service providers online.
Here's a link to our entry at DNSPerf.

entryDNS is operated by The Rocket Shop Ltd. We're based in the UK, company number 12256502. Telephone +44 (0)20 3883 4919.

Our $18 registration fee and PRO subscription fees are non-refundable, unless your card has been used to make payment without your knowledge or permission.

We accept all major Credit and Debit cards using Stripe - our secure payment processing partner.

We do not issue formal invoices - for modest amounts our transaction receipt(s) should suffice.

If your organisation insists on a formal invoice then we will supply one but reserve the right to charge a pre-paid admin fee of $25 (which will then be added to the paid amount shown).

We are able to offer our services at the current rates because we focus our efforts on products and support, and minimise bureacracy!

Just don't.

We have active monitoring in place and close co-operation with many of the reputable blacklists etc.

If we identify a clear breach of our AUP we disable your account(s) and all assigned records on all your domains.

There is no right of appeal.

We’d love to hear your idea. Please send an email to or use our contact form.