These instructions have been written for Draytek Vigor 2850n running the latest firmware but they should also work with other Draytek (and non-Draytek) routers. Your success and failure reports are welcome via email.

  1. Log in to your router's web interface
  2. Go to Applications -> Dynamic DNS
  3. Select 'Enable Dynamic DNS' and set reasonable Auto-Update interval
  4. Click '1.' under Index

  5. Fill in the information into relevant fields:
  6. WAN Interface:Your desired WAN interface (usually WAN1)
    Service Provider:Customized
    Service API:/routers/modify/TOKEN (replace TOKEN with your real token)
    Auth type:basic
    Connection Type:http
    Server Response:OK
    Determine Real WAN IP:WAN or Internet (depending on your configuration)

  7. Leave Login Name, Password, Mail Extender blank
  8. Click OK to save
  9. You can click Force Update to confirm it is working.

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