Manage your static and dynamic DNS
with entryDNS Basic, and more with PRO!


  • Complete control over all your domains and records
  • Host your website(s) using your own internet connection
  • Access your computer using a domain name instead of a numerical IP address
  • Maintain your privacy - we do not share your internet usage with third parties
  • Faster name resolution than Google Cloud, Azure, Amazon, Dyn, GoDaddy, OVH, Rackspace, EasyDNS - source


  • Dynamic DNS updates for Mac, Linux, Windows
  • Support for DD-WRT, Draytek, Synology & many other routers
  • Simple control panel for users to update/change DNS records
  • Token based API for power users to update/change DNS records
  • Record types: SOA, NS, A, CNAME, AAAA, MX, TXT, SRV
  • Very low TTL values
  • Hybrid anycast infrastructure
  • PRO: 250 domains or subdomains per account
  • PRO: IPv6 support for both static and dynamic addresses
  • PRO: VPN, DNSSEC, vanity nameservers, more subdomain choices and more...
  • Feature Comparison


  • entryDNS is a virtual organisation, based in London, UK
  • New users pay a one-off registration fee of $18. This is non-refundable
  • The Basic package is FREE thereafter, PRO package is $18 per annum on top
    Please note that as exchange rates and or payment processing fees fluctuate we reserve the right to amend our payment pricing accordingly
    ...and huge thanks (irony!) to Stripe who've recently imposed a massive price increase on our USD transactions
  • You must keep your email address current so we can contact you in future - this is a condition of use
    (We will terminate an account if we can't contact you)