Below is a simple way to get your Windows PC or server to update your IP address automatically. You may also want to check this, more complex approach, as suggested by one of our users.

  1. Download the appropriate (64 or 32 bit) version of wget.exe from here: 32bit 64bit

    There are several versions of wget.exe floating around and they are not the same - this one has all required libraries bundled into it, so it's just one executable.

  2. Put this somewhere in the PATH - we suggest C:\Windows
  3. At this point you should be able to test this by opening Command Prompt ('Win+R', type 'cmd', hit 'Enter') and typing in the following command. Don't forget to replace TOKEN with your real 20 character token from entryDNS control panel.
  4. cd C:\Windows
                wget.exe ‐‐no-check-certificate

    The ‐‐no-check-certificate bit deals with any SSL error that comes back otherwise. Amidst other messages, you should see 200 OK. This means that your IP has been updated. You can ignore the 'Permission denied' error, it's there because wget doesn't know what to check the certificate against.

  5. Double check that your IP has been updated in the control panel.

  6. Now it's time to schedule a task so it runs automatically in the background. Open Task Scheduler. In Windows 7 it's in Accessories -> System Tools. In Windows 10 you can open it from Search.

  7. Click 'Create Task'
  8. Give it a name and choose your version of Windows at the bottom

  9. Go to Triggers tab and add a 'New Trigger'. We recommend to 'Begin task at Startup' and 'Repeat every hour'. You can tweak these settings to your liking of course.

  10. Go to Actions tab and add a 'New Action'. Choose action 'Start a program', and browse to your wget.exe. Copy the following line into arguments. Don't forget to replace TOKEN with your real 20 character token from entryDNS control panel.
  11. ‐‐no-check-certificate

  12. Click OK and OK again to save the scheduled task.
  13. You can test the task by restarting your computer or running it manually. Your records will now update automatically when your computer is on.
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