These instructions have been tested with various Synology NAS models. Your success and failure reports are welcome via email.

    You might need to enable ssh or telnet in Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP to access your Synology's terminal.

  1. From the command line of your computer type in the below command and log in as root.
    telnet (synology IP address)
  2. Synology usually doesn’t have nano text editor installed by default so to get it installed you can use these instructions. Or if you are comfortable with 'vi' you can use it instead.

  3. In command line type
    sudo nano /etc/crontab
    and add the following line at the bottom of the file, and make sure to replace token with your real one. Columns must be separated with tab and not spaces.
  4. *	*	*	*	*	root	/usr/bin/curl -k -X PUT -d "" >> /var/log/cronlog.log
  5. Press Ctrl+x, then Y to save it. Or :wq if you are using vi.

  6. Verify that your IP address is being updated by checking date / time on the website.

  7. This example will send your IP to entrydns every minute. If you like to change it just tweak the numbers above. You can read more about synology cron time formatting on Synology wiki.
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