Using a device's "custom settings" dynamic DNS option (if it has one)...


Not all manufacturers support entryDNS. If yours doesn't, please send them an email or tag on Twitter and ask them to add us.

Even if entryDNS is not listed in your router's Dynamic DNS providers list, you might still be able to use our system using a "custom" option.

These settings will work on many devices but please feel free to contact us if your's has different fields or something isn't working.

* replace YOURHOSTNAME with your real hostname, i.e.

** replace TOKEN with your authentication token, you can see it next to applicable records


DDNS Service:Custom
Domain / HostnameYOURHOSTNAME
Update URL:
Username:Your account email address


Did you get your device working? Please tweet the details using #entryDNS if you have 2 mins! Thank you.